Quranic Arabic Level 1


In this level you’ll learn:


Learn the Words and the Types of Words. Learn the 3 parts of speech.


جُملة اِسمية

Learn the nominal sentence including the subject and the predicate and their cases.


مُبتدأ – خبر

Learn the parts that makes a nominal sentence, the subject and the predicate and their case ending in Arabic the Harakaat that are attached to the end of words to indicate the words’ grammatical function, nominative, genitive, and accusative.


مَعرفة – نَكرة

Learn the two types of nouns in regards to definiteness. Marifa – includes those nouns that are known/familiar/unique. Nakira – includes those nouns that are unknown / unfamiliar / common.


مُذكّر – مُؤنّث

Learn the nouns in regards to gender masculine and feminine and their three case ending in Arabic the Harakaat that are attached to the end of words to indicate the words’ grammatical function, nominative, genitive, and accusative.


وَاحد – مُثنّى – جَمع

Learn the nouns in regards to genders and numbers including Singular (masculine and feminine), Dual (masculine and feminine), Plural (sound masculine plural, sound masculine feminine, and the broken plural).


اَلضَّمَائِرُ الْمُتَّصِلَةُ والضَّمَائِرُ الْمُنْفَصِلَةُ

Learn different types of Arabic pronouns including Personal pronouns, Independent personal pronouns, Suffix personal pronouns, Reflexive expressions with nafs plus pronouns, and Independent Possessive pronoun.



Course Curriculum

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    Jazakallahu Khaira ustadh for all your efforts as I got to review Level 1 concepts in detail and in a way I hadnt done bwfore the quizzes are great and really juggle your memmory. All in all it was an excellent method. May Allah increase you in reward of khair in both the worlds aameen thumma aameen



    ASSALAM O ALAIKUM ustad i really want to appreciate your efforts ,you are truly doing an amazing job ! learning arabic seems so easy now ALHAMDULLILAH the way you teach especially the reviewing every time you start class is just amazing , it cannot be written down !!! now all the basics are pasted in my mind subhan ALLAH please never stop reviewing , i feel like a child who likes to repeat repeat and repeat 🙂 in the end i would like to say .. The influence of a great teacher can never be erased. you are amazing ustad mashaa ALLAH ! i hope i will be your good student 🙂 and will be a sadqa e jaaria for u and ur ilm ameen sum ameen .

  3. 5

    assalamu alaikum, alhamdulillah i am learning new concepts in every class, eventhough i have done quranic arabic course before.jazakallahu khairan to ustadh for all the effort to teach us the language of Allah’s Book.

  4. Alhamdulillah blessing in disguise


    Jazakallah khairan ustadh for your hard work in making the learning of Allah’s book so easy. Words can’t express my thanks to you so making Dua – Ya Allah grant the reward for each moment spent in teaching us manifolds. Aameen.

  5. Level one Review


    All praise is due Allah swt. i cannot thank Allah enough for blessing me with this beautiful course. I have never in my dreams thought will be able to understand the language nor the grammar of the divine book. Subhanallah
    Allah has granted us with such a brilliant Ustaz, whose teaching method is so unique that any person can learn easily if their intention and commitment is pure for the sake of Allah. To do a course like this will cost hundreds of pound. Alhamdulillah our beautiful hearted Ustaz is teaching us free of charge only for the love of Allah. May Allah grant you best of health and long life Ustaz and reward u abundantly.
    Through this course Allah has gifted me beautiful sisters whose only aim is to share the beautiful words of Allah.
    Alhamdulillah for everything Allah
    May Allah grant us all Thofeek to continue learning only bto please Him SWT
    Amina Begum

  6. MashaAllah great course ustaz


    Alahmdulliah i really love the way ustaz teaches Arabic language,may Allah SWT grant Barakh in his ilam,hlim,sahat and zandgi and in his family too(allhuma ameen).

  7. Alhamdulillah


    I was in search of learning Arabic with a thirst. Alhamdulillah I found this course which makes me so happy 😊. Let Allah accept our usthad’s humble efforts.

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